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Gnocchi Crema di Gorgonzola & Walnuts

Gnocchi Crema di Gorgonzola & Walnuts

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We know winter is here when James starts making this rich and comforting dish.

DOP Gorgonzola dolcelatte from our small producer in Lombardia is the perfect pairing for handmade, fluffy gnocchi dumplings and essential for any long winter evening.

Your dish arrives with a sprinkling of walnuts to put on top as the perfect garnish, with extra parmesan (of course!)


Gnocchi dumplings – Italian 00 flour (gluten), semola durum wheat flour, salt, water, potato, DOP gorgonzola cheese, mascarpone (milk), cream (milk), walnuts (nuts)

To cook from chilled

to cook from chilled

Bring a pan of water to the boil with a teaspoon of salt. Add your gnocchi and stir to keep separated. To cook from chilled it will only need a few minutes (2-4). Once they have floated to the top of the pan they should be ready to remove from the heat.

Drain in a colander and put to one side. In a separate pan, warm the sauce and then add the gnocchi to the delicious gorgonzola crema. Stir well.

Serve with a sprinkling of walnuts and plenty of Parmesan.